How to Rekey a Schlage Deadbolt

Professional technique and instruction video for rekeying/changing key for a standard Schlage Deadbolt with the SC1 keyway.

Step 1: Remove the cylinder retainer screw.

Step 2: Depress end cap pin and unscrew the end cap. Be careful of the spring loaded pin to not send it flying.

Step 3: Take working key and turn it 90 degrees.

Step 4: Take plug follower and push the cylinder out. Take your time with this so you do not lose any spring loaded top pins.

Step 5: Now that the cylinder is out, dump old pins out. Take a new key and slide it into the cylinder. Most keys have the code on the key but if not, use a depth gauge.

Step 6: Begin placing the proper pins into the cylinder based on the key depths until all the pins are flush with the cylinder when key is inserted.

Step 7: Put cylinder against plug follower and begin pushing the cylinder back into the housing.

Step 8: Put spring and pin back into slot. Put your tail piece and end cap on and begin tightening it back up.

Step 9: Put cylinder back into deadbolt housing and secure it with the retainer screw.

Any questions on these steps, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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