Traverse City Door Knob and Deadbolt Re-key Service

Traverse City Lock Rekey Service Traverse City door knob and deadbolt re-key services are one of our most frequent services we perform. Our company is completely capable and experienced in [...]


Key Fob VS Mechanical Car Key

Automobiles over the past few decades, have gotten more and more technologically advanced, mostly for the better. We have seen very complex mechanical parts that are expensive and hard to repair [...]


Replacement Car Keys: Locksmith vs. Dealership

So you’ve lost your car keys and are now trying to decide whether to get them replaced by a local Traverse City locksmith or dealership? But wait, there’s another contender – the online sellers. [...]


Car Locksmith Tips: Avoiding The Car Lockout

Car lockouts are common occurrences – just ask your local car locksmith. The reasons people end up locked out of their vehicles vary, from being distracted, to breaking the key off in the lock or [...]

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