Emergency Automotive Unlocks

Call now for 24/7 unlock services: (231) 357-6126

Many people have made the mistake of locking their keys in their car. Maybe you are just about to leave for work or have to pickup the kids from school, whatever your situation is, we offer the fastest car unlock services at any hour of any day.

Breaking a car window can be costly and not the ideal way to get back on the road. Trying to stick house hold objects in your door is also a bad idea as there is a high possibility you will scratch your paint and damage your car. Car unlocks should be executed by professionals and professionals only.

Our locksmiths are very skilled at opening cars and guarantee that no car damage will be done.

Insurance Coverage

Many people are unaware that their insurance policy will cover almost all or all of the car unlock service fee. Give them a call and be sure to check if this service is covered by your insurance policy.

Why choose us?

  • Fast response time
  • 24/7 services
  • Low prices
  • Guaranteed no damage service

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