Re-Key Your Home

What is Re-Keying

Re-Keying is a method locksmiths use to change the code inside of a lock so that it can be opened and closed with a new key. The old key will no longer work.

Benefits of Re-Keying:

  • It is the quickest and cleanest way to ensure who has access to your lock if possible unwanted people have a key.
  • It is much less expensive than replacing the whole lock and all the hardware because it would only require the locksmith to re-code the existing lock to a new key code.

Why Re-Key?

Many places or homes have keys floating around. If you have just purchased a new home or apartment, neither you, nor your realtor, have any idea who still has a key. It could be a neighbor, a former contractor, pet sitters, cleaning companies, etc. We have personally met new homeowners that literally just moved in and all of a sudden find property stolen the next day. This is not meant to scare you, it’s just a reality we see in this world today, so why not be smart, be safe, and be prepared.

Captain Lock Pick Re-Key:

  •  Service call
  • Parts and labor
  • The re-key
  • Security overview
  • 1 free primary key
  • And a quality service guaranteed

When you have your locks re-keyed, we can match all locks to the same key. You no longer have to carry around multiple keys trying to remember which key is which. That’s right, you can now have 1 key on your ring instead of 5! The front door, side door, and garage door can all have the same key. Your average re-key only takes 20 minutes or less and can ensure home security and create convenience in your life.

You should only have locks re-key by a professional, as they will be sure that lock hardware is installed and working properly. All of our locksmiths stand behind their work and will go the extra mile to give advice on home and business security.

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